¡En pleno centro de La Laguna!

ISE Tenerife - Language School

La escuela se encuentra localizada en el casco histórico de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, en la mítica calle de La Carrera, junto al Teatro Leal y a 10 minutos caminando desde la parada del tranvía de la Avenida Trinidad.

Contamos con una amplia recepción, zona de espera, cafetería con WIFI, áreas de descanso, 10 maravillosas aulas totalmente equipadas y una biblioteca con la mayor selección de títulos en inglés de todo Tenerife.

¡Ven a visitarnos y conoce de primera mano todos los rincones de la escuela!

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Asesoramiento Académico

Los profesores de ISE te ayudarán a diseñar planes de estudio personalizados para conseguir objetivos particulares, como aprobar exámenes o mejorar distintas debilidades del idioma que puedas tener. Nuestros estudiantes experimentarán una excelente calidad de enseñanza, los profesores en ISE son seleccionados meticulosamente a través de su experiencia y habilidad para enseñar el idioma. Todo el personal de ISE se compromete a que disfrutes de un excelente curso con grandes resultados.


Dr. Kathryn Lupson

Head of Studies

B.A(English Language and Literature), PGCE (English and Drama), MRes (Research in Education), EdD (Doctorate in Education).
Having recently completed my Doctorate in Education I have been delighted to put my research into practice at ISE.  I keep up to date with new ideas and theories on a regular basis and ensure that we are always offering the absolute best form of education for our students. On a personal level, I have always been an English teacher, 28 years now and I am always learning something new from my students.  I firmly believe in my students being capable of whatever they set their minds to and my approach to lessons is based on this.

Sasha Douglas

Coordinadora del departamento de niños y profesora de Inglés

MA Psychology, PGDE Primary Teaching University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Born and raised in the United Kingdom, I am a passionate teacher with a sincere interest in student success and a genuine enthusiasm for the teaching profession. I believe in setting high academic expectations, and in promoting the development of higher cognitive skills. I remain abreast of developments within my fields, as well as reading widely and extensively, and use this knowledge to improve course design and update course content.  Wherever possible, I seek to contextualise knowledge using real-life examples and applications and am always happy to contribute my own experiences and insights in order to make connections with my students.

Jose Angulo

Profesor de Inglés

Basque in origin but a worldwide traveller in essence,I´ve been passionate about the English language for as long as I can remember. After some life-wandering , I decided 14 years ago to turn that passion into a teaching career and show all my students how enjoyable learning English can be.And that's what I've been doing for the Las 14 years in many different schools and countries. I help my students reach both their personal and academic goals , and by doing so , they help me become a better teacher and a better person too. Preparing you for all A2, B1, B2 and C1 Cambridge exams and making sure that you pass them is my speciality, so if you need your certificate and want to enjoy while learning, just come to one of my classes!


Profesor de inglés

¡Hola! Having grown up in a multiracial and multilingual household, I always knew there was something different about my life...multiculturalism. Even though it has never been weird for me personally, I quickly realized it actually was. For this exact reason I decided to study applied linguistics in several languages, at university, trying to understand my world better. I love teaching my passion to people of all ages as naturally as possible, because everybody deserves to feel the power of language!

Gemma Cruz

Profesora de inglés

I’m a certified CELTA teacher and I have just obtained the Cambridge TKT CLIL certificate. I have been teaching English for 37 years in Tenerife, Las Palmas and Madrid. During my teaching career I have also taught Spanish as a foreign language. My wide experience as a teacher has provided me with a very good knowledge of every English language curricula in Spain: Cambridge exams, Master CLIL, EBAU, EOI, etc. Due to my personal experience and background, I also teach business English and English for occupational and vocational purposes, especially for the hospitality and tourism industry and customer care.

Nikola Polášková

Profesora de Inglés

I have a Bachelor´s degree in Teacher training of English language and Master´s degree in Lower Secondary School and Language School Teacher Training English language. I’m an enthusiastic teacher in love with English and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with my students!. I make sure my classes are both effective and enjoyable! I have been teaching for more than five years, covering all levels, ages and types of classes in many different environments. I have lived and worked in the UK. I’ll be delighted to guide you on your language learning journey. 

Ayram González

Profesor de inglés

When I was young, I really enjoyed listening to English songs and watching TV shows and series in English so that made me realize that languages were my thing. My studies include a degree in English Studies and a Master's Degree in English Teaching at the University of La Laguna. These studies have helped me to understand the language and cultures of English-speaking countries. Although I am quite young, I am really excited to work here and help students to overcome their difficulties.

Emily Glover

Profesora de inglés

Raised by a British family in a Canarian social context has made me realise that languages are fundamental to express our perspective of the world. For this reason, I decided to do a degree in English Studies at the University of La Laguna in which I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ programme. Recently I have obtained a master’s degree in Teacher Training (ULL) where I gained experience teaching in Compulsory Secondary Education. Without a doubt, it is in the classrooms where I feel the happiest.

Nathan Shaw

Profesor de inglés

Before becoming an English teacher, I gained a degree in Dance and Musical Theatre from the University of Cumbria, and worked as a singer and a photographer. I gained my CELTA from the Manchester Central School of English. I later taught at MSCE prior to joining ISE in November 2018. I am a native English speaker and aim to create a fun learning atmosphere in the classroom.


Profesora de Alemán

My name is Kirsten and I'm from the nice city of Cologne in Germany. I've been teaching German for about 15 years, from Elementary level to Advanced level, as well as Business German in several companies. My clases are focussed on a practical use of German and I' m incluiding a lot of interactive activities in my clases. I really enjoy teaching "my" language !

Laura Timm

Profesora de inglés y alemán

I am happy and also very lucky to have turned my passion into my job...teaching languages! I grew up learning both English and German simultaneously. Later in school, I was taught all sorts of different languages and I highly enjoyed every one of them. But it wasn't until after high school that I knew I wanted to pursue a profession in languages. I chose to study English and Spanish at Giessen University, Germany and now that I have successfully completed my studies I can dive into language teaching full time.

Evelyn Arzola M.

Profesora de inglés

English Philology, Masters  Degree in English Teaching at Secondary Level, University of La Laguna.
My name is Evelyn and I come from La Laguna. I've always been in love with foreign languages and cultures and that's the reason I decided to study English Philology. I really enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with my students (especially with the little ones) through engaging and hands-on lessons. I look forward to seeing you in class.


Profesor de inglés

Originally from Greater Manchester, England, I've been working in education for 7 years. Before my life as a teacher I worked and obtained a degree in the Tourism and Hotel sector. I have always loved working and interacting with people and decided to transfer that passion to teaching. In 2013 I became a native language assistant teacher through the British Council and worked in a school in the Basque Country in Northern Spain. I helped teachers plan fun language activites and interacted with kids in English. I loved this experience so much I continued but transferred to the Canary Islands. Between school courses I completed the CELTA certification in Budapest and began giving my own classes at an academy in Tenerife. Providing a positive and comfortable learning environment, I help students improve their confidence in English.


Profesora de francés

Enseño francés y español desde hace ya unos años en Francia, pero también en España. Francia es mi país de la adopción, realicé mis estudios universitarios en este hermoso país y decidí quedarme allí una buena decena de años. En mis clases el tiempo pasa volando y trato de adaptarme al máximo a las expectativas y necesidades de mis alumnos. ¡debemos aprender lo que queremos, pero también, lo que necesitamos! clases amenas y actividades personalizadas para cada uno. Venez voir à l’ISE, vous verrez! C’est très facile le français!



Reception Manager

Hello! My name is Paula, I work as a receptionist and administrative at ISE. Since I was a child I started studying German at the German School and later I continued my studies with the degree of English Philology ... I've always loved languages! Therefore and also thanks to the fresh and dynamic environment around me at this school, I feel so happy to work here. It is also very nice to be employed in such beautiful facilities adapted to the study. ISE Language School and its students motivate me to continue my linguistic studies, seeing them as they come out of their classes so happy. I invite you to share my experience visiting the school!


Recepcionista y asistente administrativa

Hello everyone! My name is Esmeralda and I work at ISE as a receptionist and administrative assistant. I have recently graduated in Economics and I did my internship here at ISE! I have always been interested in languages, so working in such an international environment is a great opportunity for me! I invite you all to come to ISE and enjoy its unique and muticultural atmosphere, where learning languages is more fun!


Sindi Ferrera

Directora ISE Tenerife - Licenciada en Business & Finance y Master en Organización de Eventos por Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

Como directora de la escuela ISE Language School, una de sus principales responsabilidades es garantizar la calidad en la enseñanza de los idiomas que se imparten en la escuela, siempre manteniéndose a la vanguardia de la educación de idiomas y trayéndolos a ISE. Además el bien estar y el asesoramiento individualizado de todos sus alumnos es una de las características principales de ISE y que día tras día intentamos mimar mucho. Entre otras tareas Sindi se encarga de la selección del personal, organización de inmersiones lingüísticas en el extranjero, convenios con empresas, marketing, etc.
Se considera una lagunera que adora su ciudad y que con este proyecto quiere aportar a que esta ciudad siga creciendo, mejorando su oferta de servicios y que los tinerfeños tengan cada vez más fácil aprender idiomas.

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